ATV Tips For Newbies


All-terrain vehicles are an awesome way to experience America’s terrific outdoors. But four-wheelers can be a handful for first-time riders. Here are some points that newbies need to keep in mind when hitting the backcountry.

Keep it Simple
Numerous novice riders gravitate towards souped-up makers with loads of alternatives. However that’s a mistake, states Justin Rath, president of Iowa’s Off-Highway Vehicle Association. When you’re discovering to ride, try to find an easy machine that’s easy to control which will not overpower you. Rath recommends new riders go for an ATV with an automatic transmission and an engine between 200cc and 400cc.

Stay Safe
There are a few key pieces of protective equipment that every rider should have, according to the ATV Safety Institute, a market association. The list: a quality motorcycle helmet, safety glasses, over-the-ankle boots, gloves, long pants and a long-sleeved shirt or coat. If you desire a lot more security, think about shin pads, a chest protector, and wrist, elbow and knee guards.

Practice, Practice, Practice
Before riders start scaling mountains and battle through tidal flat, they need to have a firm grasp of the principles. “Like anything, practice makes perfect,” states Rath. Newbies to the sport must practice on a level surface– an open field would be perfect– before graduating to single tracks, and after that more difficult paths, he adds. Lots of states require security courses for riders under a particular age, particularly if they’ll be riding on public land or crossing roadways, but they’re a great idea for operators of all ages.

File Your Paperwork
Guidelines differ from one state to another, but possibilities are you’ll need to register (and guarantee) your ATV similar to you would drive a car. You’ll likely also have to get a license and pay a fee before you can ride on popular public routes. Some of the federal agencies such as the U.S. Forest Service, provide annual passes that will help save many off-roaders money.

Keep Your ATV Safe
ATV theft is a common issue. However, there are a few simple things you can do to avoid criminals from swiping your precious four-wheeler. The most important point is to keep it out of sight. If you have a garage, consistently park your ATV inside and cover it with a nondescript tarpaulin. If you need to leave it outside, utilize a durable metal chain to tie your flight to something tough to avoid thieves from just rolling it away. Finally, if you’re taking your ATV on the roadway, constantly park the truck or the trailer carrying it next to a structure or utility pole so the tailgate can’t be opened.

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South Carolina Residents Witness Fire Rainbows


Recently, local residents of Isle of Palms, South Carolina, were shocked by what they spotted up in the sky. It was a so-called “fire rainbow,” which is a twisted and color-rich cloud. It showed up in the sky and then stayed there for approximately one hour.

The actual terminology for these clouds is known as a circumhorizontal arc. They occur within high-level cirrus clouds that are made from really small ice crystals.

“To create these rainbow colors, the sun’s rays will have to enter the ice crystals at a very precise angle to create the prism effect of the color spectrum,” said Meteorologist Justin Lock.

The sun must additionally be at an altitude of greater than 58 degrees above the horizon. It really has to do with getting within the precise angle.

Residents of South Carolina were recently shocked to view these unique color formations in the sky.

Image credits: ginknowsabe


Top 5 Things to do in Sumter South Carolina


Visiting Sumpter and not sure what to do? Here are the top 5 things to do, per our friends at Trip Advisor

Swan Lake Iris Gardens

swanlakeLocated in Sumter, South Carolina, Swan Lake Iris Gardens began in 1927 as a private fishing lake for wealthy businessman Hamilton Carr Bland, who also began landscaping his garden with Japanese Iris flowers. It is currently the only public park in the United States to have all eight species of swans—including Royal White Mutes, Black Necks, Coscorobas, Whoopers, Black Australians, Whistlers, Bewicks, and Trumpeters.


Sumter Gallery of Art

sumterThe Sumter County Gallery of Art is a housed in a newly renovated state of the art facility adjacent to Patriot Hall.  SCGA is a non-profit art institution and features rotating shows of both traditional and contemporary art by local, regional, and nationally recognized artists. Three Formal Exhibition Galleries considered by many in the South Carolina Arts Community as one of the best exhibition spaces in the state.


Southern Bliss Yoga

yogaSouthern Bliss Yoga offers a variety of morning, mid-day, and evening classes throughout the week




Sumter County Museum

museumThe Sumter County Museum is a private non-profit institution whose mission is to promote the history of Old Sumter District through the preservation and exhibition of objects, manuscripts, and documents, which relate the story of this area of South Carolina. The museum includes the Williams-Brice House (1916), the Heritage Education Center (2003) and the Carolina Backcountry Homestead.


Tavern on Main

mainstreetGood food, good booze, great friends!!! Over 75 different domestic and craft beers, and an awesome staff to boot!


Quick Facts About Sumter South Carolina



The unemployment rate in Sumter is 5.50 percent(U.S. avg. is 6.30%). Recent job growth is Positive. Sumter jobs have Increased by 0.99 percent.


Compared to the rest of the country, Sumter’s cost of living is 12.10% Lower than the U.S. average.


As of 2014, Sumter’s population is 40,533 people. Since 2000, it has had a population growth of -7.30 percent.


Average Commute time is 19 minutes. The National Average is 25 minutes.


The median home cost in Sumter is $124,900. Home appreciation the last year has been 0.20 percent.


Sumter public schools spend $11,055 per student. The average school expenditure in the U.S. is $12,435. There are about 10.7 students per teacher in Sumter.
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