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South Carolina Residents Witness Fire Rainbows


Recently, local residents of Isle of Palms, South Carolina, were shocked by what they spotted up in the sky. It was a so-called “fire rainbow,” which is a twisted and color-rich cloud. It showed up in the sky and then stayed there for approximately one hour.

The actual terminology for these clouds is known as a circumhorizontal arc. They occur within high-level cirrus clouds that are made from really small ice crystals.

“To create these rainbow colors, the sun’s rays will have to enter the ice crystals at a very precise angle to create the prism effect of the color spectrum,” said Meteorologist Justin Lock.

The sun must additionally be at an altitude of greater than 58 degrees above the horizon. It really has to do with getting within the precise angle.

Residents of South Carolina were recently shocked to view these unique color formations in the sky.

Image credits: ginknowsabe


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